Sueding Machine

B1000_mainThe sueding machine B 1000 is equipped with 8 sueding units.
Each sueding unit is composed by a sueding roller,with fabric approaching roller and dust suction box.
For each sueding unit it is possible to set independently:

• Rotating speed and sense of rotation of the sueding roller. By AC motor with inverter
• Contact of the fabric with the sueding roller. Through servomotor,controlled by the control panel.

B1000_1These parameters are completely controlled through the Touch Screen placed on the control panel and can be stored in the memory of the PLC, to be recalled at a later time.
By changing the fabric passage it is possible to process the fabric with the two following modes:

• Processing of one face of the fabric (8 sueding units for the same face).
• Processing both faces of the fabric (4 sueding units for the face, 4 sueding units for the reverse).

The use of 8 sueding units,with high power motors,allows to have a very high production and a very powerful processing, but at the same time it permits to perform a very gradual processing, which
B1000_2suits perfectly to the most delicate fabrics. A special electronic sensor is detecting the seams on the fabric.When a seam is passing by each sueding roller,this roller is immediately stopped and started again as soon as the seam is passed.