Polishing Machine

PolRotorWith the demand of high quality in textile finishing, the Polishing machine is increasing its importance in the finishing process. The function of this machine is to give a polished and a shining effect to the fabrics, giving them an higher quality.
The Polishing machine is produced in models suitable to process synthetic furs, acrylic blankets,wool fabrics and all those fabrics that require a shining effect.

The Polishing roller is provided with helical grooves for an higher efficiency; in the versions for wool the helical grooves
are knurled, in the ones for synthetic furs the helical grooves are plain.

The Polishing roller is heated by electric resistors,controlled by temperature detectors,in order to keep a precisely constant temperature on all the width of the roller. The temperature is adjustable by control panel.

The waxing unit is supplied in those machines to process wool fabrics and it is used to apply on the fabric, the chemical
product to obtain the shining effect. The waxing unit is equipped with a waxing roller,which collects the chemical from the tank, and a waxing brush,which takes the chemical from the waxing
roller and applies it on to the fabric. The quantity of chemical product to be applied on the fabric, can be adjusted by control panel.

For the processing of high pile fabrics, the tigering device is making a pile opening and combing action,in order to improve the polishing effect and obtain a better finishing. The tigering unit is equipped with metallic brush cleaning system.

In order to equalise the pile height after the polishing process, it is possible to have a shearing unit;available either as a separate machine in line or as a unit included in the combined Polish-Shear.